Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rosanne Cash recovers from brain surgery

Rosanne Cash

recovers from brain surgery has undergone successful brain surgery to correct a benign condition, and is expected to make a complete recovery, her record label said on Tuesday.

Almost had a heart attack just reading that had one! reports that Alex had a minor heart attack and is currently at . A spokesperson for "Jeopardy" said he's doing well...

Defend the Indefensible Lawyers for Drew Peterson have set up a web site where you can donate money to defray his legal costs. Although the site is currently down, the following message posted at really tugged at my heart strings: "For the cost of a few cups of your morning coffee, you can help to ensure that Drew can afford to support his ongoing legal defense, find his missing wife and divert any remaining funds into a trust for his children."

A an was released in 1995 and now a remake is underway. What makes it different than the original? Watch the trailer. Goofy Movie is an , produced by (now called Walt Disney Animation Studios)

star has dismissed reports he has been banned from joining his girlfriend , insisting the rumours are all false. Simpson's manager father, Joe, was alleged to be displeased with his daughter's romance with the bassist and refused to have him spend time at his home over the holiday period.